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Start Date: Mon - 01/01/24

End Date: Fri - 05/31/24

Kansas City

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Your Shop Dog is excited to launch and looking for partners in the small business community to help us grow the site. In return for your help, you receive free usage of our site FOREVER along with any future upgrades that we do. Presently our site is two-fold, we offer a Directory Listing along with a Sales and Event Listings for small businesses.

This offer will be limited and can end at any time without notice. Once the site begins to see a level of growth, we will begin to use different offers, perhaps 1 to 3 months free usage and eventually leading to charging new businesses to post Sales and Events. Once we reach that point, we do feel your help will begin to pay dividends as new potential customers will be on the site regularly seeing your Event listings and giving you the opportunity to attract them into your shops!

If you take us up on this offer - what do you need to do to help grow the site? It is simple - Maintain your Directory Listing but more importantly post Sales and Events as often as you can, we feel that is what will attract more potential customers to the site. Also, help us grow by spreading the word to your current customers and fellow small business owners. And remember, usage of the site will be free to you FOREVER and as our site grows it will benefit YOUR business as well as others. Our site is truly Small Businesses helping other Small Businesses succeed!

We hope you take advantage of this offer today by simply creating a new account! We look forward to a successful future!