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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our website.  The intent of our site is to provide a marketing platform for small businesses to reach potential consumers.  Our site is available for public viewing so please keep all content respectful of others of all ages.  The following is our current Terms and Conditions they are subject to change without notice.  Any changes to these terms will be noted and are the responsibility of the User to periodically review these terms for changes.  Going forward in this statement Shop Dog Marketing will be known as SDM.

  1. Business listings and Events & Sales listings are limited to small businesses only, if your business is determined to not be a small business SDM reserves the right to remove the listings at its sole discretion.
  2. All content added to our site may not be offensive in any way. Any questionable content will be reviewed by SDM and is subject to removal if deemed to be offensive.  SDM reserves the right to modify or remove any such content up to and including terminating a user account.
  3. This site may include links to third party sites – SDM takes no responsibility for those third party sites.
  4. SDM does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or availability of products or services advertised on our site by member businesses.
  5. SDM does not warrant or guarantee any level of success for member businesses that utilize our site.
  6. SDM respects your privacy – SDM does not sell or make available to any external group your private information that you share with us.
  7. Member businesses are solely responsible for content of their postings regarding privacy. All information posted by member businesses such as website links, phone numbers, email addresses, etc are available to all who may view the site.

I hope you enjoy using our site and the results meet your expectations. If you any questions or need clarification pertaining to these terms please contact me directly via email at


Dan Smith