Tips to consider when building Directory Listings and Sales & Events Listings

Directory Listings:

  • Directory Listings are FREE to post!
  • Several required fields include Business Name, Location Region, Google Map Address and Business Type.
  • Location Region is a Filter/Search option for users.  Select only one Region and if you would like a new region added please go to the “My Account” page and submit a request to add a new region.
  • Google Map will auto populate as you enter an address (An address should be a full street and city address but the site will accept just a city and state if that is your preference).
  • Business Type is also a Filter/Search for Users.  Use multiple selections to help Users match your business to a product type or service that they are searching for.
  • Another note on Business Type – When building your listing you can personalize and add additional business types for you and others to use.
  • Featured Image – recommend a choice that is either square or taller vs wider since the image is cropped to fit on the main Directory Listing page.  If you need assistance to fit an image properly use the “Contact Shop Dog Marketing” option at the bottom of every page and attach a file of your image, we are happy to help!
  • Business Description is an important field for your page – Use this field to tell folks about your business. Maybe you tell about history or why you founded the business – anything that you want to add to peak a person’s interest.
  • Website and Social Media are all optional – they provide a button for a User to have direct access to your website or social media pages.
  • Daily Hours and Operating Hours Notes are all optional BUT every page has an “Operating Hours” header.  Recommend at the very least enter some information in the “Operating Hours Notes” field.

Sales & Events Listings:

  • Sales & Event Listings are FREE to post!
  • Several required fields – Event Headline Title, Name of Business, Event Description, Location Region, Event Start Date, Event End Date, Google Map address and Day 1 Hours of Operation.
  • Event Headline Title is the featured verbiage on the main Sales & Event tab.  Be original to stand out to Users.
  • Featured Image – Same as Directory Listing directions, use square or taller vs wider.
  • Event Description – Tell potential customers all about your event.
  • Location Region – Same as Directory Listings, select only one.
  • Event Start Date and Event End Date – the main listing page is sorted by Event Start Date. Events are automatically hidden from Users after the Event End Date is passed.
  • NOTE – all Sales & Event listings are automatically deleted from the site 45 days after the day they are built.  This function is in place to maintain a cleaner and smaller backend database. (Deletion Date is viewable in “My Account”/”View/Edit my Listings”)
  • Google Map Address – same as Directory Listing directions.
  • Website and Social Media Links – all optional and same as Directory Listing direction.
  • Hours of Operation – At least one entry is required in the “Day 1 Hours of Operation” field. 
  • 3 Thumb Pics are optional and appear at the bottom of the listing along with specific captions for each pic.

Thank you for your interest in our site, if you have any questions or need assistance please use the “Contact Shop Dog Marketing” option at the bottom of every page.  We are always happy to help!