Thank you for your interest and allowing us to introduce you to our site.

Our vision for Your Shop Dog is very simple:

  • Cater to small businesses that sell 2nd hand goods – such as Antiques/Vintage shops, Repurposed Goods, Auction Houses, Estate Sale Companies, etc. 
  • Provide a safe and easy to use marketing platform for these types of local small businesses to attract new customers.
  • Become a “one stop shop” option for consumers to find and support these local small businesses.
  • Always listen to customers for site improvements.

If you are a small business owner we encourage you to list your business in our Directory today!  It’s FREE to list your business! 

Your Shop Dog also welcomes venders located in Antique Malls as well as “Makers” of unique custom products – we know you folks work hard to find or build your inventory to sell and even harder setting up displays in all the locations that you sell your product.  We hope our site can help you attract customers to your small business space!

At times Your Shop Dog will build listings for small businesses that we are familiar with or have been told about.  If your business is listed in that manner and you would like to manage your listing it is easy to do in 4 quick steps.

  1. Create an Account
  2. Log In
  3. Go to the business page of your listing and click the “Claim This Listing” button (This button is only visible to logged in users)
  4. Complete the needed information on the form

After the form is submitted we will switch control to you – you will then be able to add and update all the information in your Directory Listing, all FREE to use!

You may be asking, “How is this FREE and what’s the catch?”   There is no catch, we are a new site hoping to catch on with consumers and business owners.  Our goal is to always offer a FREE Directory listing to all small businesses!   But here is the thing about a site like ours – We need Business Listings to attract customers but we also need customers in order to attract businesses.

In order to attract businesses to use our site we will reward those initial businesses with FREE LIFETIME usage of everything on our site, including all Sales & Event listings as well as any future upgrades that we do.  With free lifetime usage your help to get the site started will pay dividends for your business when more and more potential customers start using our site on a regular basis.  We hope you open an account today!!

 We need your help to spread the word to your friends and other small businesses to grow Your Shop Dog into an effective forum for small businesses to advertise and attract new customers!

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